Valley View Health Center is using a product called NextMD for secure communications with our patients. To enroll in NextMD, contact your clinic for a portal token number or follow the sign up instructions below. Upon enrollment, you’ll receive instructions for how to complete that enrollment.

To Login (after completing your enrollment):

  1. Use your Internet browser to go to
  2. You will be prompted with your security question to validate that it is actually you.

To Send a Secure Message:

  1. Login to NextMD
  2. Click on Secure Messages
  3. Click on Click here to compose a new message.
  4. Pick a Category (i.e. Medical Questions, Billing Questions)
  5. Pick who you want to send the message to (i.e. Dr. Buss, Dr. Varley)
  6. Type your Subject
  7. Type your message
  8. Click Send

To Read your Secure Messages (and Responses)

  1. You should receive an e‐mail that you have a Secure Message waiting in NextMD.
  2. Login to NextMD
  3. Click on Secure Messages
  4. Click on Inbox
  5. Click on the message you want to read (either the From or Subject)
  6. The message will open and give you the option to Close, Print or Reply.

To Request a Medication Renewal

  1. Login to NextMD
  2. Click on Medications
  3. Click on Click here to renew a medication
  4. Mark which medications you would like to renew
    (If you have more than 5 medications, they may be on additional pages, referenced by page numbers in the lower right. Click on the number to change pages.)
  5. Click Select Pharmacy
  6. Verify that is the pharmacy you want the renewal sent to, or Search Pharmacies and click Next
  7. Pick a Reason (Medication Refill)
  8. Select who to Send to (Refill Pool)
  9. Under Comments, enter your reason for needing the refill, or any comments you want to send.
  10. Click Submit